Selling a service or a high cost product through website?

Instantly Call your lead when it is still on your website

Missing Out on Leads ?

Ever wondered why your leads loose interest or have chosen your competitor when you call them up?

Ask yourself the below questions? 

Clipbots - Lead Management & Sales App Contact Us forms

Contact Us form

In today’s age of cut throat competition even 1 minute is precious and if you are using old age Contact Us forms you are probably taking 4hrs-72hrs to reply back to a lead

Clipbots - Lead Management & Sales App Chat widgets

Chat widget

90% of chat widgets are usually offline. Since 15-35% leads are generated over a weekend or during off business hours, you are simply losing out on these leads

Clipbots - Lead Management & Sales App Lead Contact

Lead Contact

If you sell a service or a high ticket product on your website a simple email is not sufficient to convince your visitor. You need to call him and explain your service or the product in depth

Clipbots - Lead Management & Sales App Lead Requirements

Lead Requirements

Contatcting a lead without knowing what it was looking for deprives you of the exact strategy you should implement to convince him to buy your service or product

Clipbots - Lead Management & Sales App Lead Management

Lead Follow up

Does your team follow up after the first call or are these follow up leads getting burried in your excel files or emails? Following up is the most important aspect of a perfect sales team

Clipbots - Lead Management & Sales App Analyse Performance

Team Performance

Do you monitor your sales team performance using excel reports? Startegic business decisions are based on powerful analytics and should not be left over to excel reports

Attract your Website Visitors

A strong Call to Action will always entice your visitor’s interest 

  • The Lead Bot will prompt your visitor for an instant Call Back by asking very basic details without the hassle of filling up long forms
  • Your visitors can even schedule a Call Back as per their convenience
  • Our bot connects with any form on your website and distributes the lead query instantly to your team
  • The bot can capture your visitor’s website activity before he arrives on your website and even after he is long gone from your website
  • As soon as the visitor enters the details and choses a department (e.g. Sales, Marketing, etc.) an instant notification is fired to your team member responsible for that department
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Empower your Sales Team

Help your sales team respond and manage the leads on the go using a simple yet powerful Mobile App

  • Instant Notifications

    An Instant notifications is sent on any lead query or a scheduled follow up or on transfer of leads to your sales team without the delay of email management

  • Lead Distribution

    Our bots smartly distribute leads in your team, ensuring the lead reaches the person competent enough to respond to that lead. Once claimed by a team member, the lead vanishes from other guys' App

  • Lead Analysis

    Our bots clip together your lead's name, email, number, location, pages visited on your website, number of site visits and much more cool info

  • Instant Lead Contact

    Sales person can Contact your leads through call back, Whatsapp, email or SMS directly from their App in less than 30 seconds of it's generation

  • Lead Follow Up

    Easily schedule a follow up from within the App and get notified at the exact date and time. The more follow ups you can get, the higher you can convert

  • Add Manual Leads

    Leads coming through walk-ins or phone or other offline sources can be easily updated manually in the App. Once the lead is in the database, the salesperson can take notes, schedule follow ups, assign or transfer leads to the right team mate instantly

Lead management app features clipbots

For Business Head

Strategic Business decisions are based on powerful analytical data. Analyze your leads or team performance instantly

Clipbots Dashboard
Lead Counter
Clipbots Lead Counter
Lead Detail
Clipbots Lead Detail
Leads Analysis
Clipbots Analytics - Leads
Clipbots Dashboard Clipbots Lead Counter Clipbots Lead Detail Clipbots Analytics - Leads

Estimate your Growth Potential

Harvard Research estimates upto 37% increase in monthly conversions if you start contacting your leads within 5 minutes of their origin.
We will connect you in less than 1 minute !!

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